Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Canon 60D Photography: A Work of Art. A Carved Wooden Dolphin

Hey! So, I've been enjoying using my Canon 60D. I've been taking mostly stills with it as opposed to video. During the filming of "Lover's Key", I took some stills. Anyway, here's my picture for the day. This was taken in Fort Myers Beach, FL at Lover's Key. As I was walking around, I looked in this bushy area and noticed something protruding out. It was a carved wooden dolphin. I thought that was cool. This is a pic of it (click picture to enlarge it):

I had the cam set to aperture priority. The sand and the building got blown out unfortuantely but I have other pictures with a better view of the sand and nearby areas.

I had a full view of this dolphin but I deleted it by accident. I'm going to see if I can recover it from my card or something.

So yea..I'm gonna go back to finding things to photograph. I'll do my best to post a picture as often as I can. I'll see you in a bit. Peace!

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