Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sony Vegas Pro 10 Video Editing Software

After filming a video, you usually have to edit it. I first started out with Windows Movie Maker. I think all of us have used it at one point or another. But it's quite limited. When I started watching Youtube videos, I'd read comments where people were saying, "I used Vegas to edit" and I'd have no idea what they meant. So I did research to learn more. I tried out a demo and was sold. I've been using Vegas since version 8. Some time later, I tried out Vegas Pro 9 (trial version) and I was cool with it.

At the time, the price for Vegas Pro 9 was..let's say a bit hefty. I couldn't find a "boxed upgrade" version of the software either. I tried bidding on Ebay to get a good price for it but to no avail. I would get outbid each time. I see now that was a good thing. Some time later, I was surfing a photography/video forum and one of the ads had, "Sony Vegas Pro 10 out October 11". So, I got the upgrade deal right away. I said to myself, "Awesome. Imagine if I had got Vegas Pro 9 and then a few months later version 10 comes out". That would have sucked. :S

Theres not too many differences from Vegas Pro 9 from what I can see. I'm glad they kept the grey color scheme. I like it better than Vegas Pro 8's white color layout. There's an image stabilization feature. There's also the new Stereoscopic 3D editing. I guess that's nice to never know. But I'm fairly certain I won't be using it anytime soon.

What I really like is that you can use your graphics card for encoding video. You can only use Sony AVC codec with this feature. I tried it out and honestly I didn't see too much of an increase in rendering speed. I have a GTX295 card and a quad-core. Maybe I need a faster card and CPU? Nonetheless, this should prove to be quite useful. Anyhow, S.V.P. 10 is more or less like version 9 in my opinion.

In any case, I'll post a video as soon as I can. Until then, ciao!