Saturday, July 23, 2011

Canon 60D Photography: Celestial Seasonings Green Tea

Taken with the same ol' 18-55mm lens.

A picture of some tea I've been drinking lately. The tea smells quite good, almost candy-like. My only gripe is that the drink has a "dry" quality to it. Maybe it's just me. Other than that the taste is pretty good.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Canon 60D Photography: Laishley Park, Punta Gorda, FL

This is Laishley Park in Punta Gorda, Florida. Aperture priority used. Taken with 18-55mm standard kit zoom lens.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Inkscape Vector Art Illustration Time Lapse Face Portrait Speed Drawing: Akichuu

Finally it's here! My new time lapse vector speed drawing/art published for the Interwebs! This features a Youtuber by the screen name of Akichuu. This is a link to their channel:

I believe I discovered her while searching for videos of Japan filmed using the Canon 7D. And from there, I randomly looked up Asian related videos and started clicking on related videos to the side of the video page. Long story short, I eventually found Akichuu's channel. I watched her videos and thought they were nice.

So, one day, I felt like making some vector art. I thought Akichuu would be an interesting subject for a vector portrait. I had originally tried vectoring a low resolution 360P screen capture from one of her videos. Yes, I should only vector high resolution images. :x

I still took up the challenge. Obviously, at 360P video resolution, the details aren't as sharp. Also, she was some distance from the camera which didn't help at all. So it was difficult to get a good resemblance. However, I'm not going to give up on it. I'll complete that art piece just for my own satisfaction at some other time.

I had to choose another screen cap. I decided to vector a more recent clip she had done in 720P resolution. While there was poor lighting in the video making the overall image quality kinda "flat", it wasn't an obstacle. So, this is the final result. I'm pleased at how it came out. Tell me what ya think!

Canon 60D Photography: Baby Palm Tree

A baby palm tree in Fort Myers, Florida.  I can't recall any of the specs.  I'll update if I find them.