Saturday, March 26, 2011

Inkscape Vector Art Speed Time Lapse Illustration: Drakkar Noir Cologne

Hey! So, the "appetizer" (hold you over) vector art I promised is here. I wanted to do something simple. I decided to vector a cologne I've worn for a while. It was a pretty easy vector to make. I used Inkscape 0.48 to make this. You can download that program here: inkscape vector program

Like I said, it was fairly simple to do. It was the reflection of light on the bottle that took a bit of work to put together. I did my best to make the highlights soft and seamless with the rest of the bottle. I did this by applying Gaussian blur and gradients handles to the highlights. But yeah..this is the video.

The photograph used in this speed vector was taken by me with the Canon 60D. Drakkar is copyright Parfums Guy Laroche (just in case anyone's nit picky or whateva).

So, yeah..I'll talk to you in a couple. Ciao!


  1. On the text, did you retype each letter then adjust to fit or did you recreate each letter from scratch in inkscape? It looked so simple.

    1. Hi! I created the majority of letters from scratch since I had no fonts that 100% matched up. The only exception I made was for the word "Paris". I believe used the font called "Impact". It seemed to match pretty well so I used it to save time. Thanks for the comment. Take care! :)