Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Panasonic HDC TM700K 1080P The Bridge (Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda)

Hey! This is the new video I got ready. It was dusk when I took this. I was hoping to catch a sunset but I had just missed it. I decided to film anyway. Again, I left the camera settings on auto. I did mess with the Iris setting temporarily about halfway through the video though.

I do some more zooming in this clip. Zooming in on stuff is always fun. Being able to see things far off in the distance was entertaining to me.:) Also, I think I was a bit steadier at 700x zoom than the last time.

This was filmed at Charlotte Harbor in the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area.

Naturally, you can't hear the cooling fan in the camcorder. There's so many cars passing by in the background to cover up the sound as well as some wind.

And..that's pretty much it! I have a couple of other videos of this area coming. Until then.. laters!!

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