Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Denny's Slam Burger Review

Hey, wassup? Not a whole lot going on here. Tell you one thing I did though. I usually cook myself something. Some rice and beans or fish. However, I wanted to eat out today. So, I went to Denny's nearby and got one of these Better Burgers. I haven't eaten at Denny's in years. I decided to get the Bacon Slam Burger as a takeout order. That's it's right below (and no..that pic doesn't count as a photographic masterpiece). :D

I get back home and my mouth was watering already. There's a slight dent at the side of the bun but overall, it wasn't severely squashed or anything. I got right to eating. Now this is great stuff! I got my trusty bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce. The burger is great on it's own but it's just my habit to add a little hot sauce to everything. :)

The beef is very hearty. It was ever so slightly dry IMO..doesn't matter though since the cheese sauce adds moisture to the meat. The bacon strips were..bacony. Hash brown and an egg (scrambled) came as part of the sandwich. I'm telling you, I could barely finish it personally..meaning the burger, seasoned fries and then some pink lemonade. Very filling. One bite of dessert and that was it. I weighed a ton.

So, anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I recommend that burger for sure. I'm going to try other ones out one day. So yeah..hope you have a good day and good dinner! Peace!

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