Saturday, October 20, 2012

Adobe Illustrator Vector Art: First Gradient Mesh Artwork

Hey, peeps. It's been a few so here's a little update.  While I was resting my arm/wrist, I decided to look through some scrap work.  I found this old gradient mesh test image I did a while back. You can use Google to find out more about gradient mesh. To summarize, with g.mesh, you can get really realistic vector art images by using a grid technique. I started a few years back when I used a trial version of Adobe Illustrator. The idea was quite attractive but time consuming. This is my very first mesh accompanied by the wire mesh.  I wasn't sure how to export the wire outline as an image file.  So, I just took a screen capture of it.


Yep..I know it's nothing really special. But it was a start. From what I hear, the Inkscape team is working on a gradient mesh tool of their own. However, I wanted a program that I could use now (the AI trial has run out). I searched for other vector programs and came across one called Serif Draw Plus. I looked into it and decided to give it a try. There's a free starter edition that comes with gradient mesh! Pretty cool. I will probably always be partial to Inkscape having used it for quite some time now. All this has me thinking if I should get back into meshing. I will look into that possibility. Anyway, that's it for now.  Later!

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