Saturday, December 25, 2010

Macro Close Up with the Panasonic TM700

I began to peer into what looked like a tunnel..more like a cavern of sorts. A flame lit the end of this cavern I was looking into. The walls around me peachy orange and began to grow damp. Warm fluid oozed from the ceiling of this place and down to the surface. Much of the fluid pooled to the cavern floor forming a puddle that slowly swelled up. I decided to go further in. I reached a comfortable distance. Then flame and cavern turned orange red! I waited to see if anything would become of this. However, the normal color soon returned. I continued to examine this place. I could see the source of the flame and what it rested upon. I dared not get to close so I would get fried. :) I looked at the top of the ceiling and saw clear viscious fluid seeping it's way down. Specks of dark matter were inside this liquid and followed the path this river of fluid took. I brought my attention back to the flame and saw that it became much brighter than before. I noticed that a tunnel had been formed and the flame was ever so slowly going through it. I looked at it a bit more and a strange halo if you will formed around it. This halo flicked as the flame did the same. Eventually, the halo dissipated..the flame remained however. What a lovely sight. Mango and apricots scent filled the air and my olfactory senses approved! All is pleasant. Man, I let my imagination run wild again. :D Watch the video below. I hope you're having a good holiday season so far. I'll see you guys next week. Peace!

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