Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Katana Topple: The Beginning

Thanks for viewing my blog. I'm here to just talk/ramble about random stuff here and there. However, the primary thing I'm gonna do is create vector art and show you my works. The images I create are usually images I randomly find on the net but from time to time, I create art from well known photos as well. There will be some which are totally original.

First thing's first though..my name. Basically one night, I wanted to create a cool name but didn't know where to start. So, I started thinking of things I like in general. I ran across an image of a katana (a Japanese sword). So, I decided to go with that. Now, for a second name. What could I add? Katana Pop? ...nah. Katana Dash? Meh. Then I thought to myself, Well what does a katana do? Well, it cuts; it slashes..so, Katana Cuts? Nope. Katanas will knock a person down. From there, I thought of synonyms and came up with "Topple" (since topple means to knock something down). Then I added "you" to it. So far, I had "Katana Topple You". I wasn't satisfied so I replaced "you" part with the slang version of the word ..."ya" (as in I'll see ya later). I merged topple and ya to make "Topplya". So, "Katana Topplya" was the first official name I made. Even though I thought it was catchy, I wanted it to be a bit shorter. I decided to leave it at "Katana Topple". I thought it sounded catchy.

Anyway, that's a little history behind my name. So, as I said before, you'll find some nice vector artwork (among other things) which I hope will "topple you" (in the near future). I look forward to posting and hearing from you all.

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